Day 463:

Nakamura-san is a genious!! I think I’ve found my new favorite ramen-shop/cafe/burger-joint/deli in Tokyo! (And I’m not saying this just because he’s my friend on fb.) It may just be because I’m from LA that I think a concept like this works, but this is truly something that needs to catch on! Nakamuraya@West Park Cafe (中村屋 下北沢店) in Shimokitazawa could be my new favorite hangout.

Nakamura-san is a genious! Did I say that already? Well it needed to be said again!

I’ve never made the trek out to Kanagawa to try the original Nakamuraya, but having one in my backyard is friggin awesome! The Tarushikomi Shoyu Ramen is superb.

This type of shoyu ramen gives me goosebumps.

And the Tanrei Shio Ramen is no different. Both are equally impressive.


Finally! A good roast beef sandwich in Tokyo. I’m telling you, I could come back here on a daily basis.

Next time I’ll try the Peperoncino Shio Tsukemen…

2 Replies to “WeST PArK CaFE…”

  1. the neatly trimmed bundle of green in each bowl look quite stylish. It is clear that a lot of care goes into each bowl. The chashu is a generous and delicious looking portion. Shoulder? Maybe eating pork shoulder will help your's heal…….

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