The magic white dragon…

Day 464:

I woke up early with hopes of catching up on all my posts, but within seconds I developed a craving that needed to be satisfied. With Hakuryu nearby, that seemed to do the trick.

I still think their niku umani ramen is best, but this Gomoku Soba ain’t bad either.

Ahh, but our green curry tsukesoba is to die for.

I almost caught up…

Btw, I’ll be going to Okinawa from 2/22-2/25! Anyone reading this live in Okinawa?

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2 Replies to “The magic white dragon…”

  1. That gomoku soba is a very “busy” looking bowl–a lot going on in there. What is tha brown edged yellow spiral thing? Sliced octopus tenticle maybe?

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