WPC Peperoncino encore…

Day 465:

I’m back! How many ramen shops in Japan (or anywhere else for that matter) have buffalo wings on their menu? Answer: ONE! I’ve been craving some good buffalo wings recently and wasn’t surprised (or was I?) to see them on the menu at Nakamuraya West Park Cafe. Although they won’t replace my craving for Chili’s boneless buffalo wings, they were able to keep me satisfied for now.

Buffalo wings and ramen, another ingenious idea! This Rayu (chili oil) Shio Ramen tasted amazing. Although I have to admit that adding taberu rayu to anything makes it taste better. Kind of like BASF. (Remember those commercials?)

But this is really why I came back. Peperoncino Shio Tsukemen.


Next time, it’ll be burger time!

2 Replies to “WPC Peperoncino encore…”

  1. Keizo, you are freaking indefatigable. I check in from time to time, and I can't believe how you keep churning out epic posts almost every day. I mean, this blog's archive is going to wind up in the Ramen Smithsonian or something. Keep it up!

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