Sweets and sours…

Day 468:

Shibuya. Not for the agoraphobic.

lisaj: let’s do a ramen night soon!me: Yes! maybe next week sometime?
lisaj: next week sounds good. what night works for you?me: are u busy sunday afternoon? any preferences?
lisaj: perfect! hmm…something on the lighter side and maybe with the perfect egg? anything really. surprise me.me: Shibuya @2pm. Hachiko.

Perfect egg? I instantly thought of Kugatsudou (らーめんと甘味処 九月堂).

Kugatsudou is more like a cafe than a ramen shop. It’s perfect for couples and families.

The Kotteri Ramen that I didn’t get to try last time was a thick tori paitan style similar to the likes of TenIchi but with a little more shoyu prowess.

lisaj got the Assari version. Sweet lisaj!!

Here’s another up close look at the Kotteri version. (Sorry, no up close looks at lisaj.)

The noodles are outstanding…of course they are. And the eggs are almost perfect. I swear, they must inject something sweet into the yokes.

Everything here is sweet.

Alright time to go browse the department stores and their crazy Valentine sections. Have you heard about Valentine’s Day in Japan? Yeah, but I’m still American.

I think the assistant would look good riding this.

Anyway, Max is leaving!!! After three years of working part time at Bassanova, Max will finally graduate from college and begin a career as a true salary-man. So tonight, we celebrate! 送別会!


By the way, Katsu (克ツ) the nearby izakaya has some really good food and great service.


On my home I stopped by Ryu-chan to say hi to Jake-san. I was craving his miso curry ramen pretty bad.

And Nobo (my apprentice) decided to join me while everyone else stumbled home.

I could eat this everyday.

But why does my mouth taste so sour?

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