Ramen delivery…

Day 470:

Ahh, the day after a snow storm is always so beautiful.

Time to pay a visit to my friends at Tenhou. This time, I went with their miso ramen.

Miso and tonkotsu surprisingly work really well together. Hmm…this gives me an idea.

More gifts from the assistant. Too bad she’s too sick to go out.

But I needed to go to basa to take some pics for an upcoming ramen tour (details to come) and she was craving some tom yum tsukesoba.

Hmm…to go pack?

Viola! Just like being at Bassanova.

Don’t you wish you could have basa in your living room too?

Hang in there, I’m working on it! 😉

4 Replies to “Ramen delivery…”

  1. I hate all the pictures of his green curry ramen since it makes me want to try it and there isn't any places to get it in Orange County.

  2. mmm…Nothing like an ice cold Asahi to sooth a sore throat. The bubbles numb the pain. Better than brandy when you are sick!

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