Day 471:

Someday, I might disappear. Then someday, I might reappear. My life floats in a flurry. And I enjoy observing those in a hurry. “Who is this assistant?” Is what I’m most often asked. She is the one who connects…the future with the past.

Ramen was on her mind. But without too much time, I recommended Gogyo. For what turns out to be our second time. She had the shio.

I had the kogashi miso. Wait, no.

It was the kogashi shoyu that is shown.

Both were great, but nothing like this heavenly trait.

For I walked to the light in a hurry.

Destined to receive this box of Fleuri.

Thank you. You really shouldn’t have.

Yoku. Moku.

4 Replies to “Fleuri…”

  1. It's the unctuousness I think. I appreciate at a cerebral level that Gogyo ramen is very good, but I can't say I find myself wanting it eat it all that often . . .

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