Green curry ice…

Day 472:

Mori soba?

So I have this idea of freezing our green curry soup, sort of like Taishoken does, and if it actually tastes the same after being defrosted, perhaps I can start shipping it across the pacific.

Sorry, Chee-chan not included.

I’ll let it freeze for a couple days and let you know about it soon.

I’m so hungry…

4 Replies to “Green curry ice…”

  1. @Felix – good suggestion! though there may be more economical ways to flash freeze?

    @Eric – I think Nor Cal would be better for Keizo 😉

  2. maybe you should try some faster freezing method to keep the tate.. of course i dont know how feasable it is to use liquid nitrogen or dry ice but it should at least preserve more of the natural flavour..

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