Bacon cheeseburger time!

Day 473:

Remember that game BurgerTime? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a RamenTime? Anyway, I started my day off with a burger from Nakamuraya West Park Cafe. A bacon cheeseburger to be exact.

Man, just look at that volume! I loved it, but the meat tasted like it was marinated in shoyu. Perhaps to accomodate the Japanese palate? Wait a minute. *flashing light bulbs* That gives me an idea!! What if I use our ramen tare from Bassanova and mix it up with some ground beef to make a burger. Holy crzp I’m gonna go try it!

Meanwhile, let me try adding a spoonful of ginger to our tondaku wadashi.

This is what it looks like at 4am after a devilish Friday night.

I only say devilish because we were extremely busy tonight and had tons of prep that still needed to be done. And we got it done. おつかれさまです。

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