The last day with Max…

Day 475:

The first time I ever visited Bassanova, Max was there. Even on repeated visits, Max was there. And when I first started working at Bassanova, Max was also there. For awhile, it was just me and Max. And although I never looked forward to my days with Max, it were those days that turned out to be the most memorable. Max, I know I gave you a hard time, but it was a pleasure working with you. 頑張ってね。

Enough about Max, let’s move on. I always wondered what it would taste like to make 100% wadashi ramen without any tonkotsu. Hmm…okay so that’s what it tastes like…

After work I decided to walk to Umegaoka and grab a bowl at Katsuya (勝や).

I had heard that it tastes just like ET and needed to see for myself.

Well, it’s big! It tastes like ET but it’s not quite ET.

I told you it’s big.

One more day, then Okinawa!!

3 Replies to “The last day with Max…”

  1. It concerns me that I knew what ET was without clicking on the link. I spend too much time reading ramen blogs.

  2. The orange-on-charcoal looks great BUT man, I'm really going to miss the telltale “goramen green!” I've read for the past couple of years…


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