Day 505:

Well, I’m in France. And no, the ramen dream will not end here. This is just a mere hiccup driven by love.

This is the French palace I will be staying in. It’s over 200 years old and has history written all over it. The French family I will be staying with are some of the most beautiful people (inside and out) I’ve ever met. To welcome a stranger into their home and treat me like a king is more than I could have ever imagined.

My consecutive days streak of eating ramen for the past year and a half or so will come to an end today, but at least it’s not too crowded here. Breakfast was simple and romantic. France is a beautiful country.

Nina the cat was awaiting our presence.

And this small town somewhere between Lyon and Grenoble is as relaxing as it gets.

I love how everything is built with stones here.

Off to the market!

11.6%? Damn!

Hooray! My luggage finally arrived! Time to change my underwear! haha.

Wine, salami, cornichons, fromage.

Bonne nuit…

4 Replies to “Bonjour…”

  1. And here I thought I'd have a break from food jealousy…

    Looking forward to seeing what food (and life) adventures you have in France.

  2. The things you do for love… No ramen? That is tough! If you were in Paris, you would find ramen, although it wouldn't be anything to write home about… However, there are so many other things to enjoy in France, lucky you!

  3. Oh, the cheese is insanely good in France. I'm intrigued by the “history” the woman formally known as “The Assistant” is about to make.

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