Auf wiedersehen…

Day 510:

I don’t want to leave Switzerland, but I must. I wonder if anyone will notice if I smuggle this bread.

My aunt cooked us some spicy spaghetti for lunch and it was delicious. Perfect for the long drive back to France. Btw, if you ever drive through Switzerland don’t forget to buy a vignette!

Bye bye Basel.

Did you know that McDonald’s signs in Europe are green?

After a leisurely 4-hour drive through Switzerland, we decided to stop in Geneva for some food. Girlfriend was craving Thai noodles but we could only find a place that had soup without noodles.

I just got some egg rolls.

Later we found a Chinese restaurant with soup noodles.

It wasn’t exactly ramen, but close enough.

Close enough…

We finally made it back to France. Now time for the Maximator!

For the record, it tasted like **** but it gets you ****** up fast.

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