Poèmes du Japon…

Day 512:

Today would be the big day. But first…tsukemen, French style!

And French-style pork with mushrooms!

Then it was off to Grenoble University for my girlfriend’s charity poetry event.

I was her biggest fan.

The event was a great success. With more people showing up than expected, it was amazing to see them all show their support for Japan. My girlfriend was amazing too. It was my first time seeing her perform on a stage like this and I was very, very impressed.

Time to celebrate.

Now time to leave France. We fly out from Geneva tomorrow morning so we had to catch the last train out of Grenoble. A big thanks to all the wonderful people we met while in France. This has been one great life experience that I will never forget.

Upon arriving in Geneva, we decided to go for Chinese food…again. It’s funny how we’ve been craving Asian food every time we’ve been here.

Then it was off to our hotel to relax…

Now that was a fine beer!

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