Waiting game…

Day 515:

Despite a feeling of normalcy in Tokyo, there’s definitely not as many people as there used to be.

And with my start date for the new job being pushed back, there’s was only one thing to do…slurp. So I called up Brian and we decided to meet in Hakusan. I had my sights set on Kafuutei (白山 火風鼎), one of the only Shirakawa ramen shops in all of Tokyo, but they had run out of soup just as we arrived. Too bad.

So are backup was Yondaime Keisuke (四代目 けいすけ) in Honkomagome.

Brian had left for Hong Kong the night before the big earthquake and missed out on all the fun. We hadn’t seen each other since then and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Brian has been here before so he went with the shrimp and crab ramen.

But I had to go with the signature Ise Ebi 伊勢海老 (spiny lobster) tsukemen.

And their pan fried noodles.

I liked the crunchiness of the pan fried noodles but they weren’t exactly easy to slurp. The soup here is thick and full of lobster-ness that seafood lovers will love.

When you’re finished with all the noodles, they give you a rice ball to enjoy the rest of your soup. Mash it up and drink it down.

After catching up with Brian, I was off to meet my girlfriend for dinner. I wasn’t that hungry, but I wasn’t gonna pass up the プリプリ.

Or the gyoza.

Or the Mabomen.

Sen Goku Shi!!

After a couple hours of karaoke, it was off to the conbini for some snacks.

SiO?? Is that safe?

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