Prior Tasting Event…

Day 519:

While I was in France, I received an email invitation from an agency organizing a “prior tasting event” for the newly expanded Tokyo Ramen Street in First Avenue Tokyo Station. (If you’re not familiar with the Tokyo Ramen Street, what originally started out as four shops has now expanded to eight!) Not knowing if I could attend because of the new job, I signed up anyway. Luckily, everything worked out.

I was actually completely surprised that I got this invite. It turns out that Koda-san, our representative from the Agile Media Network, found us just by searching google. Sweet!

And by ‘us’ I mean me, Brian, and Hiroshi. Alright, let me fill you in on the rules. Rule #1: Eat as much FREE ramen as you can. Rule #2: Blog about it. Ready…set…GO!

Maejima-san!! Takeda-san!! 行ってきます!

First up, Shichisai. No introduction needed here. Shichisai will always be in my top 5.

Kitakata Ramen.

Looking back on this day, I should have just stayed here the entire time eating bowl after bowl.

I’m really digging the layout of the new ramen street. There are windows to everything.

Second up (if I can say ‘first up’ why can’t I say second up?) was Ikaruga. I’ve never been to their original shop, but I’ll get around to it someday.

Tokyo Eki Ramen.


A little sour.

Three Cheese Mazesoba.

With raw egg.

Mmm…but I need more cheese!

Ebi Rayu Tsukemen.

A nice spicy kick…in the mouth.

Third up was Honda.

The news crews and idols were out in full force.

Tokusei Shio Ramen.


Shoyu Ramen.

This reminded me of my pain in my shoulder. Yeah, it still bothers me.

Tokusei Miso Tsukemen. The signature dish at this shop.


Fourth up, Junk Garage.

Junk “in the trunk” Garage.

I was about to explode, but sometimes you need to do what you need to do.

Especially in the presence of ramen gods.

Okay…get ready for the next boom…Maze Tsuke Soba.





Hello models.

What a day! I’m glad we survived. haha. FYI, Keisuke has changed his ramen from shrimp-base to crab-base. I regret not being able to try it since I was so full, but I’ll be back. Also, I received a call while I was at this event informing me of my start date for the new job. It starts tomorrow!!

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  1. Looks like all three of you had a great time! You should add Hiroshi to your blog-roll. I like his all visual style.

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