A brilliant ramen mind…

Day 521:

I always knew Chef Nakamura was a genius and it didn’t take long for him to prove that. During my break he let me flip through his archive of magazine clippings and shared with me the reasons why ramen hasn’t worked in America as well as it has in Japan. Someday, I’ll share with you the important facts that he’s shared with me, but for now you’ll just have to take my word and respect his brilliant mind.

After all, he is one of the four ramen kings.

It’s only my second day, but I can already see the differences between Nakamuraya and the last two shops that I’ve worked at. I wish I could show you what a typical day consists of. For the sheer volume that Nakamuraya sells everyday, I believe it when ‘he‘ said that working at a ramen shop is one of the most physical jobs in the world.

Nakamuraya Shoyu Ramen.

Now this, is shoyu ramen.

You’ll have to get used to seeing this.

But maybe not seeing this.



3 Replies to “A brilliant ramen mind…”

  1. America's first intro to ramen was the instant noodle. That defines ramen for Americans. I encounter this every time I try to talk to someone about ramen. They just think of it as a cheap source of calories, a 25 cent guilty pleasure. Not refined, sophisticated, complex. I hope you can share Nakamura's take on it soon.

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