Spring zing…

Day 522:

Shoyu or Shio? Both! It’s my third day at Nakamuraya and I’ve already learned how to make the soup. It’s much more technical than most other ramen shops and it shows in the flavor. That’s when Chef reminds me, “It’s the little things that mean a lot.”

The rice dishes at Nakamuraya are sensationally amazing too. This is the Makanai Meshi.

Shoyu ramen!!

With hirauchi (flat, wavy) noodles. I may like this better than the hosomen (thin noodles).

Ahhh…Spring in Japan. If only it could last all year.


So here’s the plan. Work at Ebina for a couple weeks to learn as much as I can and then go to the Saitama branch which is set to open on the 23rd in the new Koshigaya Laketown Outlet Mall where I’ll be in charge of making the soup. Wish me luck!

Btw, I scrubbed and washed 12 huge pots today until they were almost brand new looking. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. It wasn’t easy, but it helped gain my coworkers trust. The people I work with are all great. Thankfully…

2 Replies to “Spring zing…”

  1. I look on a map. Looks like Koshigaya is north of central Tokyo, and not nearly as far out as Ebina. Hopefully you spend less time commuting and more time blogging. You're nearly a week behind, man!

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