Yokohama SOGO…

Day 532:

And so it begins. As part of the Kanagawa Gourmet Selection 2011 taking place on the 8F of the SOGO department store in Yokohama, Nakamuraya was invited to represent with its famous Toku Shio Ramen. SO with a bright and early start, we were ready to GO!

Ramen is definitely a team sport and an event like this could be considered the playoffs.

Team Nakamuraya.

Not many people get to experience working at these events, but if you ever get the chance please don’t pass it up. It’s a whole ‘nutha level.

The people just keep coming and coming and the bowls get pushed out in a frantic pace.

With a little free time I was able to check out the Tantanmen from Turandot, a creation from Chef Wakiya.

HOT! But it hit the spot.

The great thing about this event is that we get to try all the other gourmet foods too.

Our neighbors in the kitchen next to us were from Trattoria Il Silene in Kamakura.

This is going to be a fun week.

Day one: 650 bowls served.

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