Day 534:

Another day, more good food.

But first, our morning taste test. Perfect!

I think I found a new love.

These menchi katsu are the bomb.


As I walked by Turandot during my break, I was lured in to try their premium ramen. And what do you know, they gave me a free Tantanmen to go along with it. Sweet! Or should I say Hot!


When I got home, dinner was waiting. She makes a good beef stew.

So I decided to give her some treats.

Day 3: 700 bowls served.

4 Replies to “Menchi…”

  1. I may remind that a year or so ago you wrote about getting so many species extinct because especially the chinese eat 'everything'

    I can not remember what brought that post up, a newspaper article or a tv-show..

    But maybe you should rethink what you said or rather rethink what you eat because sharks are getting extinct because of shark finning.

    And if you bowl sometimes can not hurt, then remind yourself that also the other people who eat endangered species may exactly use the same excuse.

    So maybe you would not eat pandas or apes because they are fuzzy and cute, but sharks are needed for the marine ecosysteme.

    Does shark fin taste special, or what is it that you eat it?

    Especially because it is full of methyl quicksilver which is even in small ammounts very toxic.

    But maybe you eat it as a form of working against overpopulation, because it will make men infertile?

    Ah yeah, just kidding, who wants to get infertile?

    Same with tuna, quicksilver, lead and other chemicals and also hovering dangerous near extinction.

    My friends and me make bets when the extinction will happen, I myself think 10 years, the highest one is 25.

    What is yours?

    Come on, you do not really think that the extinction of most marine life can be stopped with the way we abuse the oceans?

    A japanese firm is hopinf for tuna to become extinct and they are buying all the frozen tuna they can get their hands on and sell it to highest prices when all the fish is gone..funny

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