From the sky…

Day 535:

Walking the hallways by yourself in the morning can be pretty creepy. I’m glad I didn’t have to walk down this one.

The ramen was tasting superb today too.

And I was still in love with the menchi. This one had cheese.

And this one had a tomato. Tomato is apparently the most popular, but I’d rather stick with the plain.


Not bad, eh?

But here’s how it’s really done.


Another awesome day. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Time to eat!

牛バラ飯 from 愛群。More on this later.

Can’t get sick of this.

Day 4: 750 bowls served.

One Reply to “From the sky…”

  1. Woah, lots of posts to catch up on! Those menchi katsu were really amazing. I'd vote for the tomato though – something acidic to cut all the delicious fat… Thanks!! – Emma

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