Sincere heart…

Day 541:

If there’s been anything that I missed, I missed spending my days with my girl. And with only a few weeks remaining before she moves to France for a year, today was a day for her. She naturally was in the mood for tsukemen so after a little research I found Isoji (麺恋処 いそじ) only a few stations away.

I’m still quite a ways away from my fifties, but this ramen was a smooth love affair.

The fat noodles were phat and delicious.

And my girl earnestly satisfied her tsukemen craving. But we both agreed that Isoji is a bit like Tsujita without the makeup.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Tokyo.

So we decided to take a stroll through Meiji Jungu.

I really love this city.

And I also really love…

…exploring new paths.




One Reply to “Sincere heart…”

  1. What a peacefull place! Perfect for spending time with your girl. Make some memories to refect upon while you are apart.

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