Day 553:

What is ramen? To put it simply, it’s just ramen and soup. There are no rules, but there are plenty of techniques. Techniques that define the differences between each bowl. Some are rough and some are refined, but it’s up to the customer to truly determine if it is immaculate.

I personally love the flavor of shoyu and sometimes I like it strong. Today it was extra strong.

Now that’s dirty!

And this is immaculate! We closed early to clean every inch of our kitchen tonight. A clean kitchen is just as important as clean ramen. Always remember that.

After work I was craving some Okinawan food, but the shop we wanted to go to closed early due to an accident in the kitchen. Ouch.

So we ended up at this Thai restaurant and ate…




What are you looking at?

It’s good to see everything fully stocked.


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