Taking care…

Day 562:

She’s doing better but still not one hundred percent.

It was my day off so I ate this Shichisai instant ramen for breakfast. Not nearly as good as the real thing, but it did have the same effect.

It got better as I slurped.

Then I was off to go buy some supplies…

Eat a quick bowl at Kusenbou

Karamiso Chashumen…

Kumamoto style!

And accompany my girl back to the hospital for a follow up.

Then it was time to rest at home.

And watch one of our favorite shows.

She also decided to postpone her trip a few days. We are all relieved.

6 Replies to “Taking care…”

  1. damn guru9 is still on? i loved that show in the 90's.

    hope she is well my friend

  2. i'm glad your girlfriend's decided to take it easy. hope she recovers soon!
    though i haven't caught any japanese shows in quite some time, gurunai is one i enjoy.

  3. GuruGuru99, great stuff. Okamura is a comedy genius. I like the other show too, Mecha Mecha Iketeru (Mechaike). I know that japanese comedy is usually a group thing (2 or more), but he's the only funny one.

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