Bonus time…

Day 563:

Work is tough enough by itself, but lately it’s been the breaks that have been even tougher. Why do I have to be here when she is there? My girlfriend has postponed her trip to France until Tuesday and I’m happy about the extra time I get to spend with her, but not at the cost of seeing her suffer.

Sometimes, even the ramen begins to taste different.

Speaking of different, we tried some different recipes for summer.

Hiyashi (cold) Tsukemen. I’ll let you know when they hit the menu.

On my way home, my girl was craving KFC.

And then some ramen. (Remember Misen? Tastes just like the original.)

I’d say she’s getting better.


One Reply to “Bonus time…”

  1. grilled chicken sandwich at KFC? haven't been in years . . . they're getting all healthy on me!

    glad she's feeling better!

    . . . yeah, i'm 2 months behind on your blog! 😦

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