Au revoir mon amour…

Day 567:

With the rain falling down our cheeks, it was a challenge to make it to the airport on time.

But we did. And it was soon time to say goodbye.

But not before I got the first copy of my girlfriends new book. I’m so proud of her.

We also needed to slurp one more bowl together. Don’t worry, this won’t be our last.

With Saori gone, I was already starting to feel lonely. But my little princesses knew how to fix that.

And after some green noodles…

Enter the Dragon!

It’s gonna be a tough road ahead.

But what else is new, right?

I never expected anything to be easy.

Did you?

Coincidentally, today was Yayo’s last day. Basa is changing, but it’s still the same.

One Reply to “Au revoir mon amour…”

  1. A consort of mine from Chic-A-Go-Go!, 'Gentleman' John Battles, never utters the word “goodbye”. He uses the term, “Until then”.
    That sounds sensible enough for me to begin saying.
    Perservere, Keizo. 3=))

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