Chicken rush…

Day 568:

I don’t know about these, but my shoulder is feeling a whole lot better than it used to.

Being that Wednesday’s are now our biggest shikomi (prep) days (since the shop is closed), Fujimatsu-san and I decided to take a break and hit up a nearby ramen shop. Leaving the choice up to him, we wound up at Seisyomaru in ViNAWALK. Perhaps you remember my visit to the honten in Kyodo.

Anyway, Fujimatsu-san got the tsukemen (what they are known for).

And I once again went with the chuukasoba. Honestly, it tasted better than the honten.

BUT, the onions diluted the soup and towards the end I couldn’t taste a thing. I tried adding more pepper but that didn’t work either.

SiO with chicken!

Hi pops!

Monday night arm wrestling tournament at Bassanova!! Are you game?

Or are you chicken?

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