Day 580:

With Father’s Day approaching, perhaps it’s time to give an early shoutout to my oyaji.

Hi dad. Check out my original tsukemen.

By the way, the summer Shio Hiyashi Ramen starts this Thursday. So feel free to escape the humidity and cool down at Nakamuraya.

Well, the real reason for the naming of this post is because I stopped by Machida on my way home and decided to check out one of Hiroshi’s (as well as this reader’s) recommended spots: Ramen Oyaji (ラーメンおやじ 町田店).

And as I sat down after buying my ticket, I look over to my right and see…Masuda-san? What a coincidence!

Anyway, Oyaji’s namesake ramen is a creamy miso, potage-like, goodness that is a little tangy and a little sweet. Sautéing the vegetables (onions, bean sprouts, and cabbage) in a wok before adding the miso, spices and soup, veritably reminds me of how it’s done in Hokkaido, but (although delicious in itself) this is a different breed.

Best miso ramen around? Probably not. But enough to serve a satisfying slurp after a long day’s work? Indeed!

Thanks for the rec!

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