Day 584:

Bubuka (ぶぶか 吉祥寺店) first boomed onto the scene back in the mid 90’s and quickly vaulted into the ramen record books with their popular Abura Soba (ramen without soup). It was during that time that Boom reconnected with his love for ramen and put him on his current path of realizing his dream. No, it wasn’t the Abura Soba that impressed him. It was Bubuka’s seabura-filled Tonkotsu Ramen that left a lasting impression.

Before I get to the ramen, let me give you a little history. According to this guy, Bubuka is named after the legendary pole-vaulter Sergey Bubka. Is your forehead crinkled? Apparently, like Bubka, who broke the world record 35 times by improving one centimeter at a time, Bubuka vowed to use this strategy to improve and create a world record ramen. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they did. But even with their glory days far, far behind, Bubuka still serves an addictive bowl worthy of a slurp, with or without soup.

It is indeed special.

And as Boom would say: “I know it’s not the best but if I never ate their ramen…I would have never loved ramen.” Enough said!

Kichijoji is a great little town, but everyone seems to like standing in lines. Like this line for menchi-katsu. Is it really that good?

Next up for the day was Due Italian‘s newest shop, Lemon and Fromage (らぁめん レモンアンドフロマージュ).

Well, the Fromage was really cheesy and bearable…

But the Lemon was waaaayy too strong. I DUE NOT recommend this one.

Ahh, there’s nothing like sittin’ in the park on a Sunday afternoon, me and Boom just jammin’ the oldie tunes, sippin’ on a cold bottle… Wait a minute, it’s not Sunday. It’s Friday…and we ain’t got no s*** to do.

But I bet I can still make your mouth water.

I am surrounded by great people.

People who know the meaning of love.

Love = Unagi!

Thanks mum!

2 Replies to “Bubka…”

  1. Dude, I don't usual comment on your blog (but I love it a lot), but those Lighter Shade of Brown lyrics really brought me back to the good ol' days. Thanks!

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