Ramen Plus…Animal!

Day 585:

During the weekends, my express train to and from work makes a stop in Kyodo. And with today being Saturday, I decided to stop by and say hi to some familiar faces. To my surprise, I was greeted by Jamie. Apparently, he will be working here for awhile to hone in on his recently learned Ramen Gakkou skills. Go Jamie!

The reason I came here today was because I heard there were new bowls to slurp on the menu.

Like this shoyu ramen that contained more than just fish in the soup.

Not that my opinion really matters, but I’m glad Ivan did this.

I’ll try to make it back for the other bowls someday.

And I’ll definitely be back for the meatballs.

It was an anxious day, but in the end it turned out just as I had imagined it would.

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