ET challenge…

Day 587:

After work I stopped by Machida again to check out this place below. 食べログ said they opened at 5pm, but of course they opened at 6pm. So I walked around for an hour and saw some interesting stuff. Well not really. I mostly just helped some little kid fix his bike. Anyway, when I returned at 6pm there was a sign in front of the door that said something about the noodles not being made perfect so they would close for the rest of the night. %^&*#!!

Whatever. ET is always open for me.

Get the raw egg on the side and get creative. I like to add soup, shoyu, rayu, and pepper.

If you haven’t noticed, ET’s bowl is big! I dare you to try and finish a bowl faster than me. haha.

Is that a challenge, you ask? Actually, I’d like to see someone slurp this bowl in under 5 min. What do you say we all give it a try someday?

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