Day 588:

Miso Ramen.

Cheese topping.

Shime (closure) gohan (rice).

Dear friend. You are who you are. Your past defines you and your future inspires you. Don’t let anyone take that away. Your dreams are your dreams and not anyone else’s. So live your dreams and not the dreams of others. Love who you want to love, live how you want to live, and let your life have meaning. If you can hit rock bottom, you can sure enough reach the top. It’s not easy, but easy is not why we’re here. Follow your heart, my friend, and only listen to those you love. Your mind may change, but your heart will always tell others the truth. Don’t avoid it. Don’t let others persuade it. Just let it beat for you. For that, my friend, is why you are who you are.

3 Replies to “Closure…”

  1. 100 yen only gets u a teaspoon of grated cheese!?!? I hope that's REAL cheese and not Kraft Parmesan at that price.

    Just kidding man, That rice looks good. I've wanted to try that here, but am wondering if they would give me dirty looks if i did. haha

    Later brah,


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