Time lapse…

Day 589:

After a long days work, I met up with Brian and Boom in Shinjuku for some catching up. It was just one of those nights…a night to just relax. But, of course, we were denied at our intended ramen destination cuz our conversations went beyond the usual relaxation.

So we took the tunnel and headed east.

To one of Brian’s favorite hangouts. Nagi Golden-gai (新宿煮干ラーメン 凪).

Hold up. Where are we?

Niboshi Ramen.

A bit bitter as expected, but this is what’s to love about Japan. And I love Japan.

There’s really nothing better than a late night bowl with good friends in a cramped-I-can’t-move-without-elbowing-you ramen shop.

By the way, I’m not left-handed. In case you were wondering.

808!! Uno-san made these smoked hanjuku eggs for otsumami. Hmm..I wonder where he got that idea? haha.

So where is this time-lapse we were promised?

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