Day 592:

A couple days ago I received an email from a reader stating that he’d be in Tokyo for a few days and wanted to know if I could meet up. If I have the time, I never decline.

So where did we go? Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵 新宿本店) in Shinjuku. If you ask around, Musashi is often credited with starting the so-called ‘ramen boom’ that continues to sweep through Japan at a frenetic pace. The last time I ate here was over six years ago. Before the blog and before the subprime world went kerplunk. Did I like it? Yeah it was good, but not really worth remembering.

So a refresher course was in need.

The noodles were outstanding.

And the kakuni was tender.

But the soup was a little too sweet for my tastes. Nevertheless, I did what I do best. I drained it.

It was great to meet you Andrew! Good luck with med school!!

2 Replies to “Musashi…”

  1. This was the first ramen restaurant I stumbled upon on my second day in Tokyo in December 2005.
    I was going around in circles in west Shinjuku looking for a recommended Asian Indian restaurant (which I didn't find because it was on a second floor, and I didn't think to look upward).
    Then, I found this ramen shop with the line out the door, and the solidly-impressed in my mind thought of this means it is a good place.
    I still don't know exactly what I ordered. {I inserted a ¥1,000 note into the machine; and pushed this button, this button, and this button. What I got I think was miso ramen with the hard-boiled egg.}
    I scarfed a bunch of its fold-over location cards. Back at the Juyoh Hotel (where I stayed this once), I got some assistance in where were its other shops. I was able to find its shop in Ueno, which I considered an important victory in learning how to find venues in Japan.
    Here is its own W-WW site.

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