Picture day…

Day 594:

In the next few days, with Summer beginning to melt down the door, some cooler items will be appearing on our menu.

Here’s a sneak peak. Sorry, that’s all I can show you. If you would like to give it a try, come in on Thursday and ask for the Hiyashi Miso Tan Tan.

Stealing an ingredient from the new menu item, I added some Shisen Ma~Ra~Jyan (not sure what the English equivalent is) to my shoyu ramen.

Adding this stuff makes everything greater than it already was.

For dinner, I went back to Onya to try their ramen. It’s better than their tsukemen, but still a bloody mess.

I got in contact today with some old friends from down south. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them soon.

3 Replies to “Picture day…”

  1. Could the Ma-Ra-Jyan you're referring to be “belachan”, found often in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine?

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