Day 596:

Summer is officially here. And the kitchen is officially a sauna. But as if we didn’t sweat enough while working, my coworker and I went to sweat some more for lunch. I was in the mood for San Raa Tan (Hot & Sour Ramen) and a local Chinese Restaurant behind our shop had exactly what I wanted. Bingo…that hit the spot!


Although Summer makes me want to drink 11 beers, I decided to conserve. After all, that is the theme.

With Boom at the helm, we wound up eating ramen at Maji (吉祥寺 真風) in Kichijoji.

I ordered the black ramen that wasn’t very black.

I remember it being a little fishy, but honestly I can’t remember much else. マジです。Nothing about it really stood out.

I’ll do my best.

There’s also a concern that with the summer heat Tokyo and the surrounding areas will begin having rolling blackouts again. If that is the case, let’s all do our best and try to sweat it out.

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