Secret cells…

Day 597:

After a painful visit to the ward office, Mensaibou (めんさいぼう五郎左) was waiting for me around the corner. As I walked in, a VERY friendly waitress was there to greet me (you’ll see what I mean if you go there). I had my heart set on trying the Special Curry Tsukemen, but had it broken when learning that it was only served on weekends.

Although Mensaibou is known more for their tsukemen, I decided to go with their ramen.

A little sour, very fishy, with the chicken and pork stock yielding a tangy creaminess. The noodles are satisfying, but the overall bowl is like a lesser-developed Tsujita.

Inari time!

As you can probably guess, it’s my day off. Time for another shop! Tokumen Kotsuicchou (特麺コツ一丁ラーメン) in Hatagaya has always been on my radar but whenever I’d go there it would be closed. Funny enough, I wasn’t planning on going there tonight and it was open.

The master is a friendly dude in a quirky sort of way. His mannerisms are just a joy to watch.

I ordered the Wontonmen with garlic. The soup here is great. With plenty of oil and seabura it goes down nice and smooth.

The noodles, on the other hand, are a bit too dry and not as chewy as I would’ve liked.

The wontons were moist but mediocre.

But this red stuff was bomb! Two types of chili mixed with a little rayu added to your bowl will leave you extremely satisfied.

Time to walk off the calories…or should I say limp.

Saw the doc today and my foot will be okay. It’s just badly bruised and thankfully not broken.

3 Replies to “Secret cells…”

  1. wow,you crushed Kotsu iccho.nice!! i crushed 15th.There is many nice ramen shops in Hatagaya,man!! i love hatagaya!!

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