Going back to cali…

Day 600:

It’s official.

Hey, look who it is!

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

As I was saying. It’s official. I’ll be going home next month.

No not for good…yet. But for good cause. I’ll arrive on 7/19. So if you’re free, let’s go grab a bowl!

10 Replies to “Going back to cali…”

  1. @Doomsayer: Hi Hans. awesome site! i'll try to work you into one of my posts soon.

    @PudgyM29: didn't have time to get back to Gardena Ramen. next time. thanks for the heads up.

    @blukats: nothing really impressed me but south bay is definitely the place to be for good ramen in la.

  2. Let us know when are you are in the OC. The Proven boys can grab lunch with you.

  3. I go back to Chicago tomorrow. I'll squeeze in one more ramen stand today.
    The one hint I leave for you, Keizo, is go to Gardena Ramen again.
    Of the bowls I have had, this was the one with the least flavor. In my view, it was in no way what Rameniac claimed it to be (yes, this was the Shoyu).
    The shop was very friendly and accomodating. But it wasn't busy for dinner. Our ramen-ya came out of the kitchen before I finished. (I didn't introduce myself to him.)
    I perplex that perhaps he has lost the fire to produce the superb bowl of ramen.

  4. Hi –

    My name is Hans Lienesch and I have a blog called The Ramen Rater at http://www.ramenrater.com. I've been reviewing instant noodles since 2002 and recently been getting a lot of attention as I'm getting up there – I just did review #435 today!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a story about my little blog? I have a Top Ten list I've come up with and these are the best out of the 435 I've tried – the list is at http://ramenrater.wordpress.com/top-ten/ . Take a look?


    Hans Lienesch
    The Ramen Rater

  5. @Kev: dude. definitely! we should hang out minivan style! lol.

    @blukats: where in cali are u at?

    @R: fo sho! let's invade breadbar!!

  6. Keizo u iz mah #1 ramen meign mang. You haz blown up huge, u doin' big thangz, been reading da blog since 07-08 I think, before you revamped it and moved to Japan. ^_^ Sorry I missed teh last gatheringz at Foo Foo Tei, but if you are gonna do one this time I am down to roll. Maybe we can hit up dat bread bar temporary set up? If ya let me and maybe a friend tag along. By chance would Chef Nakamura let you help out Ramen California? They are hit or miss and really should be doing a lot better than craptacular places like Daikokuya (gone to hipster trash, unlike their humble beginnings, but makin' mad moneyz). When Nakamura is not there, the ramen it is just not as good.

  7. I've been following your blog for a little bit and am interested to see if you have any new recommendations when you are here in California. After finally having a really good bowl of ramen at a temporary stand at Mitsuwa, I'm dreaming of finding something around here that is even close to that.

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