An improved species…

Day 602:

Everyday we try to make improvements. And although some things are better left untouched, we still try hard to enhance our lives in every way possible. Check out this creation: Tan Tan Tataki-han. It’s like the Hiyashi Tan Tan on rice. You’ll have to thank Martin for this idea.

It’s funny how a picture can make me so damn hungry. haha.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Ranchu (中華蕎麦 蘭鋳), curious to see how much they’ve improved.

At first glance, I noticed that the soup was a lighter color than the past couple times I’ve been here. Sure enough, it tasted different too. It tasted better. A lot better. And after striking up a brief convo with the master (he remembered me!), I found out that they’ve been using a better quality niboshi.

Now this is one bowl I can slurp more often. And that chashu is amazing.

Hmm…how can I improve upon my slurp count…

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