Pleasureful potage…

Day 604:

I couldn’t be more pleased with how today went. It began with an innocent pasta lunch in Kichijoji with relatives.

The focaccia was awesome!

The chicken tataki was great.

But the pasta? Let’s just say I was in good company.

After lunch I rode my bike along the Kanda river and came across this cool looking bird. You can’t really tell from the picture, but this bird was beautiful.

Anyway, I found a real hidden gem near Nakano-Shimbashi station. Just over a year ago, the “next” ramen trend was declared as potage ramen. Uzen (うぜん) in Honcho got it’s share of the fame, but seems to have since fizzled out of the spotlight.

I came here to try one thing and one thing only…Torishio Potage Tsukemen.

Wow! This is not your traditional tsukemen, but I like it! Creamy without being too milky, flavorful without being too salty, and dreamy without being too sleepy. It had a very nostalgic feel to it too. I can’t pinpoint it but it felt like it invoked a memory of a flavor from my childhood. This is definitely something that I will have to try again.

Have I mentioned that it’s rainy season?

Can’t wait to visit home…

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