Day 606:

The new flyers are complete for the Hiyashi Tantanmen and the Shio Hiyashi Ramen! Yours truly took the pics but one of our part time kids completed the design. Don’t they look good? They must because sales went through the roof!

Speaking of Hiyashi Tantanmen, Jake-san promised to let me try his version on my next visit to Ryu-chan Ramen. So I decided to stop by after work. Woah! Change of interior!

Woah, indeed!

Now this is a legit Hiyashi Tantanmen. Unfortunately, you’ll need special privileges to try this ramen since it’s not on the menu or even the secret menu, but maybe if you tell him I sent you…

I even got to sample his homemade rayu. mmm, mmm, mmm.

I’m not worthy…

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