The darkest light…

Day 607:

Are things back to normal? As an economist would say…it depends. Are you an economist? What exactly was normal in the first place? If things are now better than normal, do we want to go back to normal? Or is normal only something we want to attain when things are worse? What if worse is better than normal?

Throughout Tokyo, some lights are bright and some lights are dark. Apparently since that day, energy is scarce.

But ramen still provides the brightest light in my life. Without it, I would have nothing.

A few days ago I tried to kill this spider that appeared on my wall. I struck, he jumped. I struck again, he jumped again. So I let him live. Or maybe he let me live. Anyway, they say here in Japan that spiders come from heaven. He now comes out every night while I blog and I let him scurry on by.

Am I normal? Well, that depends…

3 Replies to “The darkest light…”

  1. I'm a long time fan of your blog and your journey, Keizo, and I'm praying for you and everybody else in Japan. The loneliness will not win. The darkness will not win. There will be a brighter day.

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