Gettin’ jingis…

Day 612:

Yo Boom! Let’s go grub!

There’s this place in Nishiogikubo I want to try called Hatsune (はつね). They supposedly have a really good Tanmen.

Wow, that was a pretty clean and refreshing shio tanmen. It’s definitely among the best shio-based soups that I’ve recently slurped. The noodles were a bit too starchy, but the fresh vegetables really added to the sweetness of this old-school-mom-and-pop-ramen-shop.

Still hungry? Alright let me take you to try one of my favorite bowls.

Kanchintei (漢珍亭) in Ogikubo invented the ajitama (flavored egg), but feel free to skip it–it’s hard-boiled. I like this ramen cuz the shoyu is incredibly deep.

Deeper than you can imagine…

Remember how the rooftop playgrounds atop department stores used to be so badass when we were kids? What the eff happened!?

I guess they’re still badass, just in a different way. Alright Boom, I’ll catch ya later!

After parting with Boom, it was time to get jingy with it. Jingisukan (Genghis Kan), that is.

This would be my first time trying it, but apparently it’s a cuisine based around lamb that comes from Hokkaido. There’s only one word to describe it…maybe two…





Awesome. (Lamb steak topped with wasabi.)

F***cking awesome!

Time to herd up the salary-men!

Thank you Mr. Big!

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