Day 615:

Isn’t it amazing how this…

…gives birth to this?

Although these noodles are made by Mikawaya Seimen, they are made especially for Nakamuraya and Nakamuraya only. Which means you won’t be seeing any other shop using them.

At least that’s what box man told me.

For dinner I met up with Jamie and he recommended that we try Misoya Hachiro Shoten (味噌屋八郎商店新宿店) in Shinjuku. Produced by the one and only Nantsuttei, Hachiro’s Miso Ramen definitely shows a resemblance.

But as far as taste is concerned, Nantsuttei’s original ramen is still the best. As much as I love shoyu, this miso ramen contained a little too much and I wasn’t very impressed.

The noodles were thick and almost Jiro-like with lots of chew and bite. I guess this is what happens when Kumamoto-style meets miso.

The transformations are endless…

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