A spicy cure…

Day 617:

Having exhausted almost all the ramen options in Ebina (the few that are there), Fujimatsu-san and I ventured into the Chinese Restaurant next to Daiso to brave what they had to offer.

The place looked authentic with a fascinating decor (okay so it wasn’t that fascinating).

And a Mabo Ramen lunch set was cheap.

Unfortunately so was the taste.

Back to work. This is how we clean all the burners: Spray some highly toxic cleanser all over and then just let it burn. It’s hot like 1134, but the grease just washes right off.

After work I watched my niece play with slime.

And ate a shrimp korokke.

For those of you that care, this is the new Yoyogi-Uehara Station. Complete with Burger King, Starbucks, and Subway (just to name a few).

Shall we get back to that spicy cure? Nakata Kyodai (中田兄弟) in Meidaemae has never been a disappointment.

And on this night, it was more than I expected. This Akakara Tsukemen was frickin HOT!!

I couldn’t feel my tongue after this, but my body no longer ached. I was cured.

They ask you if you want lettuce with your tsukemen, which I thought was kinda strange. Do I eat it alone or do I dip it into the soup, I thought. Answer: Eat the lettuce by itself to neutralize the spiciness. I’m no scientist, but it works.

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