Heart land…

Day 618:

Tokyo is definitely a great city. As hot as it is, scenes like this always appear with perfect timing to massage your mind. Suddenly, a 20-minute bike ride in the heat doesn’t feel so bad.

Shinkyotei (進京亭) in Shimotakaido has eluded me for some time now. Whenever I’ve tried to come here (about 5 times), they’ve been unexpectedly closed. So imagine my delight when I saw the noren hanging out front.

This is another old-school ramen joint. The kind where the master seems unapproachable from the years of wear-and-tear on his face, but is actually a really nice guy. These are my kind of joints.

I’ve dreamed about trying this Toriniku Soba for months.

Especially with their famous handmade egg noodles (名代玉子入手打そば). So was it worth the wait? Yes! If I could, I would eat every meal here.

But…then I would miss out on this.

Mum knows all the best restaurants. Thank you again for the lovely dinner.

“In every spirit & every season, everywhere”

2 Replies to “Heart land…”

  1. I've eaten a lot of sushi but just what are those crustacean looking things?

    The rest of it looks so good. Sounds like a great food day.

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