Day 619:

Technically, this could be my last day at Nakamuraya. The next three weeks shall foretell my immediate future, but for now I have decided to take on a lesser role in order to pursue other opportunities that await. So first let me take the opportunity to thank Nakamura-san and his awesome staff for showing me much love over the past 4 months. This experience has been beyond priceless. Words cannot describe it and the friendships that I’ve made will undoubtedly last a lifetime. (Martin is pretending to be Mt. Fuji. lol)

For my last bowl (technically, it won’t be), I decided to go with Miso Ramen.

And close it off with Martin’s special chashu risotto.


After work, it was time to go seal the deal with the devil.

Over some craft brew…

And Chicago-style pizza.

Technically, this is not…okay I won’t go there.


Then it was time to fulfill another promise…

Nidaime Tsujita Tsukemen Omori.

Just like you requested.

Life is good. (Tsujita LA are we open yet?)

Technically, this is not the end…

One Reply to “Technically…”

  1. DevilCraft seems to be a solid new beer bar. In a neighborhood which could use more choices. I'll put it on my long list.
    Technically, I will be the one who judges whether it has “excellent Chicago-style deep-dish pizza”. ;=))

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