Day 620:

As we all know, nothing in life is free. Everything comes at a price in some form or another. But if we can get past the inherent value of things, the mind begins to feel free.

See the old man behind the glass? He is the founder of Eifukucho Taishoken (ET). To see him in the kitchen is becoming a rare sight, and to have a bowl prepared by his hands is a privilege that will not last forever.

With time, everything goes through changes. Consistency is a never-ending adjustment.

I once badmouthed this Mogura Tsukemen, stating that I would “never…eat it again.”

As you can see, I changed my mind and this time I actually enjoyed it. Weird. Perhaps because my taste-buds knew what to expect?

Anyway, I’ll be in Kitakyushu for the next couple days. Why, you ask?

To eat this. haha.

And to be free…

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