Homeward soul…

Day 623:

The typhoon was beginning to wreak havoc and I was starting to worry about my flight home. But before I headed to the airport I needed to say bye to gramps.

I told him I was leaving for three weeks and he cooked me up a special Umani Ramen so I wouldn’t forget him. Don’t worry gramps, you’ll never be forgotten.

I seem to have the most interesting luck when it comes to travelling. When I tried to call a taxi to pick me up and give me a ride to Shinjuku Station, the phones were all busy because of the damn typhoon. So without any other choice I walked to the nearest busy street in pourrrring rain with my luggage in tow and finally hailed a taxi after getting drenched from head-to-toe. I was soaking wet, but that wasn’t what I was worried about. Due to this delay, I missed my train. And since the express trains weren’t functioning normally cuz of the typhoon, I had to take the local ones. Needless to say, I was cutting it close.

But I made it…barely. C’mon let’s get this plane in the air! A typhoon is coming!!

Okay, please get me off this plane.

After a short flight, I had a 6-hour layover in South Korea. Is that a spaceship? I tried to go to Seoul city but the lady at the information desk advised me not to. It was 8pm and the buses and trains would all end in the next two hours, making it difficult for me to return to the airport for my 1am flight. Alright, let’s go get some ramen.

Unfortunately, the only ramen (or should I say ramyun) in Incheon International Airport were lining the shelves of 7-11. Nevermind the ramen, time to hang out in the lounge.

The regular lounge was under construction so they let me into the first class lounge. Woo! After a few beers I just fell asleep.

Until it was time for my 11-hour flight.

Are we there yet?


Well hello there assistant…


3 Replies to “Homeward soul…”

  1. @pudgym29: a lot of the trains weren't running because of the typhoon and i missed all the express ones.

    @Kate: yeah that salmon was bleh. lol.

  2. That is too funny… I had the exact same crappy salmon meal taking Korea Air to Hawaii earlier today! Please continue to review the awesome ramen shops in the LA Area… I'm taking notes for a couple weeks from now 🙂

  3. There was not a less expensive non-stop flight from NRT to LAX?
    This was your opportunity to take the new rapid Keisei Skyliner to NRT.
    If I can get from Yoyogi-Uehara to the Keisei Ueno terminus, including a transfer on Tokyo Metro at Omotesando with my one carry-on bag loaded with.. ummm.. DVDs (without their cases), and from there to NRT on the el-cheapo Limited Express train, you should have been able to get there with sufficient time to catch your flight.
    [Hey, if you like JR, you could have taken a Yamanote Line train from Shinjuku to Nippori, and transferred to Keisei there.] ;=})

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