Foo fight…

Day 624:

As tradition would dictate, it wouldn’t feel like I was home without a visit to Foo-Foo Tei.

For some hairy gyoza

And Mabo shoyu ramen. Ahh..natsukashiiii.

Thank you Murakami-san!!!

Time to show my girl my hood. Saori, welcome to socal!!!

Alright, let’s eat!

At THE Boiling Crab! After the long wait, I wasn’t sure if I could really believe the hype. But after one bite of the king crab, believe me, the hype is real.

The oysters were fresh but maybe not the best.

The gumbo was legit. Hmm…gumbo ramen sounds doable.

Sausage and shrimp…damn good.

And the clams were crazy good.

Hey look it’s Daizo and Darin!

It’s good to be home and hanging out with my closest friends.

Can you please pass me that wetnap?

4 Replies to “Foo fight…”

  1. Gumbo ramen, eh? I seem to recall some discussion of clam chowder ramen a while back… I see an American classic series in the works…Ciopino Ramen, Texas Chili Ramen, Bergoo Ramen, Brunswick Stew Ramen, Pozole Ramen, Chili Verde Ramen…so many possibilities!

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