Step by step…

Day 625:

Back in the HB hood where I grew up…

My step-bro was busy stylin’!

What up Kuni! If you’re ever chillin’ at the beach on Main Street and need a haircut, hit my bro up!

Back in high school, Pho 79 was my favorite pho shop.

It’s nice to know things haven’t changed.

But I need some ramen! Long ago there used to be a forest where wontons were to die for. That forest was once replaced by a familiar friend, but today Yukino Ya (幸之屋) reigns impressively.

Impressively because the chef works his ass off. A once prominent sushi chef in the LA area, he just got tired of it and wanted a change. Thus, ramen became his next challenge. The Tonkotsu Ramen (pictured below) is creamy and inviting, but there is something missing that plagues most ramen outside of Japan (I’ll get to what that is later).

The shoyu ramen, with a base of chicken, pork, and select vegetables, is the “more popular among Japanese customers” and definitely the better of the two.

I was satisfied, for the moment, but ramen is not just about good soup.

Anyway, time for dinner with big bro.

Hawaiian rib-eye baby!

Kenshiro, call me. We need to talk!!

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