Day 626:

To all my cali friends in Japan, this is for you. Don’t hate! haha.

For those that are unfamiliar, IN-N-OUT Burger is legendary. For over 60 years they’ve been serving the freshest, tastiest burgers, fries, and shakes by adhering to the same principles and philosophies that cemented its foundation. In many ways, it gives someone hope that a ramen shop could be built using the same methodology. It’s only a matter of time.

With a few hours to kill before our bullish dinner, we decided to head to The Getty. It’s funny how I used to live minutes away from here, but today would be my very first visit. I guess that happens a lot when you live somewhere and take the touristy things for granted.

Go bruins!

Dinner time!

After receiving an invite a few weeks back to try Ramen Bull at Breadbar, I was excited to finally see this day come. So I brought along a few friends, old and new, to join me in tasting the latest IRONNORI creation.

After a few appetizers like this succulent beef tongue (it was like french-kissing a hot cow)…

And some lightly stir-fried edamame…

It was time for some beef-based ramen! Btw, my friend Daizo was there to do some filming. Could there be a video coming soon??

Anyway, I ordered the Oxtail Ramen. One word: Sweet! I immediately noticed a miso flavor in the base mixed with the sweetness of oxtail, along with several other spices that obliterated my buds. This is definitely an odyssean creation showcasing the talents of an inventive, culturally-trained chef.

Would I ever make a ramen like this? Probably not, but that’s only because I like to keep things simple. And that’s why ramen is so great. As long as you have soup and noodles, there are no boundaries.

The Spicy Ramen was probably my fave.

And the Vegetable Ramen was a great option for those that don’t eat meat.

But I am a ramen carnivore.

Thank you Chef Nori! I admire your passion and creativity. Please keep up the awesome work. Ramen in Los Angeles needs more people like you. (ps…I’ll try to come back for the other noodles)

And a BIG thanks to all of you that showed up to enjoy this ramen with me. You know who you are. Let’s do it again!!

4 Replies to “Bullish…”

  1. @heller66: i agree with you but u still gotta respect them for trying something different. 😉

    @May: tried it. what do you think of it?

    @pydgym29: haha

  2. Hi, have you tried the new ramen shop Ton Chan at 821 W Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776?

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